Bowling Programmes

Bowling Progression  

Whilst STRIKE's programme are structured and based on a proven bowling curriculum, we also recognise that every child is unique.  Our coaches maintain a personal dossier to track and pace the training according to the students' needs.

At the same time, with our emphasis on imparting Life Skills and Values, your child will be suitably influenced with our infused practices within the training curriculum.  


The STRIKE 1 programme is designed to establish the foundation bowling skills including proper finishing position, approach and basic release. At the same time, the students will be introduced to basic code of conduct and bowling etiquette in a fun and interactive environment.

Suitable for: The beginner bowler

Ages: 7-16 years old

Conducted over TEN weekly sessions (normally over weekends) .  We also have other flexible schedules to cater for the busy parents and targetted for the school holiday period.  Please enquire about schedule, timings and for more information.

Tel: 65114570 ( 10am to 6pm)


The STRIKE 2 programme is an enhancement of the foundation bowling skills taught during STRIKE 1. New founndation skills like timing, footwork, free swing, power step and a smoother release will be taught. The kids will continue to be exposed to the correct values of sportsmanship and learn the joys of making new friends in a fun and natural way.

Suitable for:  The beginner bowler with some basic foundation

Ages: 7-16 years old

Conducted over TEN weekly sessions (normally over weekends). We also have other flexible schedules to cater for the busy parents and targetted for the school holdiay period. Please enquire more from 6511 4570  (10 am to 6 pm).


The STRIKE PEFORMANCE is the natural progression from the S1 and S2 programmes. It is a weekly ongoing platform for students to continue to upgrade their skills and maximise their potential to achieve their bowling and personal goals.  Students continue to hone the entire repertoire of bowling skills and knowledge. Area covered includes the Physical Game, Sparing System, Tactical Knowledge, Equipmenty Matching, Competition Preparedness and also Mental Training.

Suitable for: Bowlers who aspire to maximise their bowling and personal goals

Ages: 7-16 years old and also young adults

Conducted once/twice/thrice weekly ( weekends and weekdays). Please enquire more from 65114570 (10am to 6 pm)


STRIKE Academy is endorsed by the Singapore Bowling Federation to conduct COE classes. Knowing the importance of establishing good bowling foundation in young bowlers, STRIKE is happy and honoured to be recognised and entrusted with the responsibilty.

The programme is targetted at bowlers who aspire to become future National Bowlers. Those who wishes to challenge themselves and be accredited with an SBF certification may also enrol.

Normally conducted in Jan/Feb to Oct/Nov timeframe within the calendar year. Those who wishes to enrol should plan properly in advance to maximise your learning experience.

Things to prepare include:

1. Ensure your bowling foundation is sound ( take the opportunity to get more help during last quarter of the year for example)

2. Inform your STRIKE coaches in advance, so they can help prepare you well through our COE grooming programme.

More information about the COE 2013 will be available soon.  To find out more, please call 65114570  (10am to 6 pm)


Details being updated


 Details being updated


Want to be a better bowler? Leverage on technology to give you an objective analysis of your game. The use of motion analysis and digital video provides data that is unavailable to the coach’s naked eye.

At STRIKE, we make use of motion analysis software to analyze a bowler’s physical game. With the ability to freeze frames and run videos in slow motion, we are able to identify any fault within his game. The ability to visually analyze his game from the front, side and back views gives additional information on his game play, consistency on targets, release and footwork.

For elite bowlers, STRIKE uses digital video to analyze the amount of skid, shape of the shot trajectory as well as backend reaction strength of individual shots. The software provides data such as launch angle, launch speed, breakpoint board, hook power, entry speed and more. The software is able to generate the statistical average and range for all shots in a session, thereby highlighting the inconsistencies of his shots. The software also provides for the use of different bowling balls and different lane conditions. This allows for a complex analysis in tournament preparation such as comparison of bowling ball layouts, releases and lane conditions.

With this complete suite of software, STRIKE is able to help improve your game by analyzing both your physical game before the foul line, as well as your ball reaction from the point of release to the pins.

Other programmes offered by STRIKE include: Core bowling programmes, Champions for Life Programme (CLAP), Video Analysis, Camps, School and Corporate bowling programmes.

The Ebonite Digitrax, BowlersMap and MotionPro are premier analysis softwares available in the market today. These technologies are readily available to all our STRIKE students.

Examples of the Digitrax Programme

Digitrax can provide shot by shot, detailed analysis to measure ball speed, launch angles, accuracy etc. In addition, Digitrax can accurately map your bowling ball path as it travels down the lane.