Our Strike Coaches

Mr. Billy Choo - Head Coach and Director of Coaching

Billy Choo, known more widely as "Uncle Billy" to his students, leads the STRIKE Academy coaching team as its Director of Coaching and Head Coach. He has produced countless individual, school and national bowling champions. His knowledge and passion for the sport is shared unconditionally with anybody who wants to learn and realise their bowling dreams. After all his undeniable success, he is richly qualified to share the true secrets to real success - through life skills.


Ms Zalina Bte Abdul Samad - Senior Coach and Coordinator for Coaching Affairs

Zalina, often called Coach Za by her students. She has been an integral part of the STRIKE family since our inception. Her forte is in integrating with children and imparting both bowling skills and life skills. With her great people skills, she is also  highly effective in ensuring all the necessary administration amongst coaches in ensuring training standards. She is currently pursuing her degree in Coaching and Sports Science.


Ms. Kim Eun Jung, Senior Coach and Specialist in Performance Foundations

Jun, was a former Korean youth bowler who will provide invaluable expertise from one of the top bowling nation in the world. Passionate, fun-loving and very good at interacting with children.  In addition  to all her bowling credentials, she holds a Master Degree in Sports Science. 


Ms. Pan Pan Sangguh,  Coach, Performance and Foundation Programme Development.


Mr. Ernest Lim - Coach, Centre of Excellence Programme, Programme Development and Review Systems


Mr. Ken Tan, Senior Coach for Performance Programme (Associate Coach at Singapore Bowling Federation )


Mr. Roger Ni, Senior Coach, Centre of Excellence Programme 


Mr. Adam Lim, Coach, Foundation Programme and Programme Development (Coach-in-Charge of Special Olympics Programme )


Mr. Rayden Ong Jie,  Coach,  Foundation and Performance Programme