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Well Done Kids !

U12 Girls
Singles - 1st Anna Sim

Team - 1st Rachel Ong, Estelle Lim, Ong Lee Lynn, Anna Sim

U12 Boys
Singles - 1st Eugene Yeo
Singles - 2nd Donovan Goh
Masters - 2nd Eugene Yeo
Masters - 3rd Lester Ng
U15 Boys
Masters - 2nd Cheah Ray Zen
U12 Boys
Masters - 1st Eugene Yeo
Masters - 2nd Donovan Goh
Masters - 3rd Edric Then
U15 Girls
Masters - 3rd Nicole Lee

Peekaboo !

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STRIKE Academy's Bowling Programme is infused with STRIKE’s proprietary Character Development Programme. STRIKE's bowling programme applauds the efforts and achievements of every child by recognising that each child is a UNIQUE individual. 
In addition to the excellent bowling programmes, STRIKE incorporates other holistic activties to complement a child's development through various life skill and adventure activities.

Creating and encouraging the child to discover and build resilience, we organize Quarterly Medals Event as part of their ongoing lessons; we also work with our students to participate in various National, Age-groups and Overseas competitions.

Look out also for our Holidays Bowling Programmes for Children, Kids and Beginners.

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