Well Done Kids !


 U12 Boys

Singles – 1st Brandon Ong

Doubles -1st Ryan Kwok,

                2nd Brandon Ong

Team – 2nd Brandon Ong

All Events–1st Brandon Ong

U15 Boys

Singles – 2nd Neimann

Doubles -2nd Neimann , Nikhil

Team – 3rd



Ryan Wong

Johnson Chow

All Events – 1st – Neimann                                                                                                                                                       

U18 Girls

Doubles – 1st ACJC

Team – 2nd ACJC

All Events – 1st ACJC

Masters – 2nd ACJC (girls),

                 3rd (boys)

Novice Pri (lower boys)

Doubles – 3rd Daryl Ang,

                      Russell Soh

Singles -1st RGPS

Novice Pri (lower Girls)

Doubles -2nd Clarise Chan

                      Loo Ying Yeeng

Masters-3rd Clarise Chan

Novice Secondary (Lower Girls)

Singles – Pang Yu Q –2nd

Masters – Pang Yu Qi – 2nd

Secondary School League


Vanessa Choong

Nicholas Ong

Cheah Ray Han

Jomond Chia


MILO International

Qualify for Masters

U12 Girls – Karen Tan,

                  Jolie Tow

U12 Boys – Brandon Ong

                    Matthias Ong,

                    Royce Lim,

                    Ryan Kwok

U15 Girls – Alicia Teo

U15 Boys – Brandon Ong,

                   Chean Ray Han,


                    Jomond Chia


Masters Finals

U12 Boys – Brandon Ong 3rd

U15 Boys – Brandon Ong 3rd

Youth Boys – Nikhil 3rd

Youth Girls Open – Kristin Quah 3rd



Peekaboo !

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Quotable Quote !

About Expectations

"If you are going to be a champion, you must be willing to pay a greater price"

 - Bud Wilkinson

Bowling for Kids, Children and Beginners PDF Print E-mail

LEARN TO BOWL correctly with STRIKE Academy !

Structured bowling classes and lessons for kids, the beginner, leisure bowler, school bowling team, competitive bowler and through to selection for the National Youth Development Squad.

Bowling for kids...Call us now  ! 

Email: admin@strikeacademy.com 

Tel : 65114570


STRIKE Academy is a Centre of Excellence (COE) endorsed by Singapore Bowling Federation to lay the bowling foundation for future champions !


"I did not realise that STRIKE's bowling programmes could help Ryan become more confident and focused in his studies"     Kelly Ang, mother of Ryan Foong, 13


NURTURE THE BOWLING CHAMPION ( TEN Sessions, 2 hrs lessons )

$438.00, inlcudes Coaching Fees, Lane, Shoes, and Use of Bowling Ball

Learn the proper fundamental bowling skills over TEN sessions including Correct Finishing Position, Basic Release Technique and the 5 Step Approach. As a holistic pursuit or realize the bowling champion potential in your child !

Every WEEKEND, 10 x 2 hours sessions)


Call to enquire about next starting date and training venue.


For registrations, please contact :

Please call or email STRIKE ADMIN Kiss 

Email: admin@strikeacademy.com

Tel: 65-65114570  (office hours : 10am to 6 pm )

** Terms and Conditions apply

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STRIKE Academy Private Limited

Entrepreneur Centre, 50 Tagore Lane, #05-03i, S(787494)

Tel: (65) 65114570          Fax: (65) 65112969

Office Hours: 10am to 6 pm

Email: admin@strikeacademy.com


STRIKE Academy is A premier bowling academy in Singapore that conducts regular bowling classes for kids, beginners, school team, competitive bowler, all the way through to the National Youth Development Squad.  


Well Done Schools !

A Division

Overall School Boys

ACJC – Champion

Overall School Girls

ACJC – Champion

B Division

Overall School Boys

ACSI – 2nd

Doubles – 2nd ACSI

Team – 2nd and 3rd ACSI

All Events – 1st Boys ACSI

C Division

Overall School Boys

ACSI – 2nd

Singles – 2nd ACSI

Doubles – 1st & 2nd – ACSI

Team – 2nd & 3rd – ACSI

Inter Primary


Overall Junior Girls

2nd – RGPS

3rd – OLGC

Doubles – 1st CHIJ OLGC

Team – 3rd CHIJ OLGC

Masters – 3rd RGPS


Overall Senior Girls

2nd – MGS

3rd – RGPS

Singles – 1st RGPS, 3rd MGS

Doubles – 1st MGS

Team – 2nd RGPS, 3rd MGS

All Events – 1st RGPS, 2nd MGS



Important Policies

  • Scheduled classes are reserved for students who have paid and are confirmed
  • Students should attend scheduled classes regularly
  • All classes are scheduled and listed on the ONLINE PORTAL. No reminders to attend classes will be sent
  • Students are to confirm their SCHEDULE and TRAINING VENUE before class from the ONLINE PORTAL
  • Students are responsible to settle any lane fees due before leaving the bowling centre
  • Students not able to attend any class MUST withdraw from the PORTAL at least 24 hours before class
  • One lesson will be computed and any lane fees will apply if no withdrawal is made on PORTRAL and no prior notice is received
  • Students/Parents are to schedule replacement classes from the PORTAL
  • Replacement classes are only offered based on a what is available basis
  • Replacement classes must be scheduled and attended within the duration of the current programme
  • If no suitable replacement is available/provided, the missed lesson will be forfeited.
  • All fees to be payable prior to start of programme
  • One month notice before the end of current programme is required if the student does not intend to continue
  • A refundable deposit is payable upon enrollment into a regular programme
  • Deposit will be refunded in full subject to One Month notice before end of current programme and no lanes penalties and/or other arrears outstanding
  • Annual membership fee is payable in Jan each year for the whole year. Membership for students who join anytime within the year will be valid until end of the current year.
More details of important policies are found in the Registration Form and on the Payment Advice