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Well Done Kids !

U12 Girls
Singles - 1st Anna Sim

Team - 1st Rachel Ong, Estelle Lim, Ong Lee Lynn, Anna Sim

U12 Boys
Singles - 1st Eugene Yeo
Singles - 2nd Donovan Goh
Masters - 2nd Eugene Yeo
Masters - 3rd Lester Ng
U15 Boys
Masters - 2nd Cheah Ray Zen
U12 Boys
Masters - 1st Eugene Yeo
Masters - 2nd Donovan Goh
Masters - 3rd Edric Then
U15 Girls
Masters - 3rd Nicole Lee

Peekaboo !

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STRIKE organizes a tournament every quarter called Quarterly Medals (QM). These are integral part of the your normal curriculum and usually constitute one of the session.

Some of the objectives include:

1. Education on the different tournaments and competitive format used

2. Experience the different competitive format used in major tournaments

3.  How to prepare and communicate with coaches during competition

4.  Role of Parents during competition

5. Test of Bowling Knowledge ( not just physical skills)

Quarterly Medals (QM) dates will be indicated in your CLASS SCHEDULE on your Payment Advice.